Sunday, October 4, 2009

Further Whoridin'

Have you ever looked at your copy of The Whoridas' debut album and wondered: how is there a "True Playas (Remix)" on here, when there never was an original? For that matter, there seems to be only one version of "Talkin' 'Bout Bank," the "Funk Mode Mix." But why do they specify the mix title if it's the only version? Well the answer, my friend, lies in this release, 1997's Whoridin' Advance Cassette.

Ok, the full track-listings for both versions are on my Hobo Junction page. But the long and short of it is, besides the fact that the songs are in a different order, the Advance has five songs not on the official release, and the official release has three songs not on the Advance. So, even if you have the Advance, you'll want to scoop up a retail copy for the songs, "Never Heard," "Keep It Goin'" (although this one was released as a single anyway) and "World Wide Whoride." Ok, so now let's get to the much more interesting stuff: the songs only on the Advance.

Well, two of the five aren't such a big deal. "Town Shit" and the "Shot Callin' & Big Ballin' (Remix)" (the track-listing doesn't specify, but it's the "Merg 1 Remix" included here) were both previously released on singles. So, while it's always nice to have more songs than fewer, especially two dope ones like these, they're not hard to find elsewhere. The same can't be said for the next three, though.

First up, "Talkin' Bout Bank." Now the "Funk Mode Remix" is featured on both versions of the album (it was also released on 12"), but only the Advance also includes the original. The original doesn't have the familiar P-Funk samples or the ultra thick bass. It's more upbeat, with a very catchy, almost bouncing bassline, distorted samples and clapping drums. There are even some nice DJ cuts at the end. The remix is one of the few tracks on the album not produced by a regular Junction producer... Unfortunately, this Advance cassette doesn't have production credits, but I bet it's one of their own.

Next up is "True Playas," or as it's titled on the Advance tape, "True Playaz-N-the-Game." It's the same deal here as with the last one... both album versions feature the Remix, but only the Advance also includes the original version. The familiar (Remix) version really stands out on the album... it's the only track produced by Shock G, who's on a different, more smoothed out vibe than the Junction members, and it features a female R&B singer (Kinece Senegal - look, I found her on myspace!) on the hook. This version sounds very sample driven... I don't actually recognize the sample, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn this one was shelved for clearance issues. It still sounds pretty unlike the typical Whorida, twisted bass-heavy funk sound; but it's not so smoothed out, doesn't feel as radio/MTV friendly and there's no singing on the hook. Not that I'm knocking Shock's work... it sounded pretty cool here, and meshed well with the Ridas' deliveries. But the Advance tape clearly had it right in including both.

Last up is "High Cappin'," a completely original, separate, never-been-released-in-any-other-capacity song. It's got a Pete Rock-style sleigh-bell line and some slow, banging bass drums. The down beat sounds like someone's just smashing a metal garbage can with a baseball bat. Saan and Chop take turns setting it off on anyone who talks shit, while the hook features a tortured horn sound and Saafir ominously intoning, "What's up, nigga? You be lyin'!" It ends with Saafir shouting, "J-Groove!" So I'll take a wild guess and say that's who produced this one.

So I don't know how rare this is... I don't know if there's a vinyl edition (that'd be nice)... I don't even remember where I got this. But it's definitely worth keeping an eye out for.


  1. is there anywhere i can get this advance??? id love to hear it

  2. I don't know much about that site,; but there's a guy selling a sealed copy there for $1.99, apparently.

  3. Thanks for schoolin` me on that homie, much appreciated! Would love to hear that advance...

    STaY BLeSS`n...