Monday, December 28, 2009

No Face, the Twilight Years

(Youtube version is here.)
My 'Origins of No Face' post is here.


  1. Werner, nice one once again.

    I was just stopping by to say that
    I always really enjoyed the video
    for "No Brothas Allowed", but I'm
    guessing you didn't realize there
    was one or you forgot about it.
    It did get played a few times on
    Yo! and Rap City.
    I always remembered it, mainly
    because of the white lady near the
    end of the video, looking down at
    the camera, making a snooty face. Lol
    But yeah, that's definitely Shock
    G, as you'll see in the video.

    Thanks again for bringing the slept
    on to light.
    I think "No Brothas Allowed" is a
    good record to own. I had it back
    in the day, lost it, and luckily
    found a copy for 3 bucks a few
    years ago.
    Good job on covering No Face pret-
    ty thoroughly.

  2. And I forgot to leave a link.smh
    Here you go, homeboy, enjoy-

  3. Dope; never saw this before. I'm surprised they never gave Shock or Digital U any billing on the record, since in 1993 I think he'd've been a draw.