Sunday, February 21, 2010

InstaRapFlix #26: Trick Daddy: Thug Holiday Uncut

Yayy! It's the first InstaRapFlix of 2010! Today's movie is Trick Daddy: Thug Holiday Uncut, which has a Netflix rating of 3 stars. Yeah, that's out of 5, but for a hip-hop doc on Netflix, 3 stars is the equivalent of an Oscar statuette. And as you can see on the cover, there, this is apparently in the "Platinum Series." So I'm excited.

It begins with our hosts, CO and Money Mark of Tre+6, telling us that this is "the DVD for Thug Holiday which is in stores as we motherfuckin' speak." So, I guess this DVD is just a glorified advertisement for the album, even though it's sold separately? Well, okay, whatever. Let's just see what you've got, DVD.

Well, for starters, it doesn't have a lot quantity-wise. It's just 46 minutes long (less if you subtract the opening and closing credits!). So I hope you didn't pay retail for this DVD. But this is free viewing on Netflix for me, so I'm not mad.

We start out with a little footage of Trick and his engineer recording the album in his studio, which is kinda cool if you're a fan. It's much too short and edited to pieces to give you any real insight into their recording process, though, instead just focussing on his silly ad-libs to the camera.

And that's pretty much the whole DVD in a nutshell. Teensy tiny sound-bites that are too short to have any value. Here's an example of how it works. Here's a Trick Daddy interview segment:

off screen interviewer: What's your favorite song on the album?

TD: I got fifteen. "Thug Dollars," "Thug Holiday." They're all my favorites.

End of interview segment. And it's another one of those DVDs that lists a whole bunch of featured artists on the box, but what you get from them is just teensy tiny clips of them having the camera thrown in their face at a show. For example, did you buy this DVD 'cause you're a Kase One fan? Well, here's a complete transcript of his involvement:

"Y'all know how we do in the motherfucker. Can I cuss on this shit?"

That's it. That's his whole "interview." Do you prefer Wild Child? Here's his complete transcript:

"My dog T double D! He's about to get loose tonight, you know what I'm sayin'? It's all good."

Wow; I just typed up two whole transcripts from this movie - I must've stayed up all night, huh? I can't believe how many DVDs I've found in this InstaRapFlix series that do this. What a racket!

The film's padded out with music video clips and a long segment of some guys riding motorcycles in a parking lot. What they have to do with Trick Daddy, I have no idea. But it sure was drawn-out and boring. I guess the trick was to make 46 minutes feel like 4 and a half hours.

There is some poorly recorded concert footage a segment behind-the-scenes of some of his music videos that... if you edited it all down, might make a short YouTube video that'd be worth your time. If you're a huge, non-discriminating Trick Daddy fan desperate for any footage relating to him, that is. This isn't a movie, it's a marketing scam.

InstaRapFlix, it's good to be home. :)

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