Friday, February 19, 2010

A L'il Tweak

I've decided to make a change on the blog, which isn't uncommon. I tweak it every so often. But since it's gonna look like I'm removing a nice section, I figured I better post and let you guys know what I'm up to.

See, first of all, I only post on Twitter every couple days or so. And then I've never really been happy with the Best Blog Posts I Didn't Write section's layout: the only feed I found that would post my comments along with the link article looks like dog poop, pretty much. The text of my comment would run right into the first line of the post I was linking to with no distinction. And it would always redundantly say "by Werner," even though I'm the only guy posting here.

So I've decided to kill two song birds with one nailgun. I'm taking down that fugly Best Blogs section, and from now on, I'll highlight all the best hip-hop blog posts (that I didn't write) on my Twitter account ...which will still display on my blog's main page via the Twitter feed. Sounds good and makes sense, right? Kill an ugly layout, breathe more life into a slow section, and waste a little less real estate on the right-hand column.

Oh, and I'll continue to post whatever news bites or retweets that I'd ordinarily post on Twitter there, too. So there'll be no less content, it's just gonna be more stream-lined.

Finally, if for any reason you've grown attached to it and want the link to my watched items feed, it's here. Cheers, guys! Another, proper, hip-hop related update's comin' later tonight.

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