Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Werner Is Rockin' On the Radiooo

Update: listen to the show here, in mp3; and check out the playlist here.

Well, I will be in a few hours from now. From midnight to 3am, I'll be on the Coffee Break for Heroes and Villains show on WFMU, 91.1 FM. If you don't get the station in your area, you can listen to the show online at

But if starting at midnight runs a little too late for you, there'll be an archived recording of the whole show, plus a playlist, which you should check because I'm bringing something a little special for them to play tonight. ;)


  1. That was a MOST excellent show. Thank you!

  2. "i'm writing a letter to bernard goetz/ and smoking a lot of cigarettes/ and talking to myself/ his picture's on the shelf"

    HA! great show, werner

  3. THANK YOU & THANK YOU for coming through!