Saturday, March 31, 2012

Catch the Vibes

Last summer, I blogged about a cool vinyl diggin' documentary called Red Beans and Rice, from Jamille Records. Unlike most diggin' docs, it didn't focus on the great producers or celebrity DJs, but the average (read: super hardcore) record collector. There were DJs, but they weren't selected for their star power, but their love and connection to records.

Well, they're back with a sequel. Red Beans and Rice vol 2: Audio Vibes sticks to the ethos of the original: no celebrity gossip, no cheeseball narration, the content is dressed up in flashy editing and distracting CGI... As such, its appeal is probably pretty limited. But if you are in its demographic, meaning you're a lover of shameless vinyl porn, then you're gonna love it.

Audio Vibes finds a whole new collection of people. It's mostly interviews with vinyl lovers: DJs, collectors, and shop owners, just sharing stories of their mutual love. How they got into records, rare finds, digging stories. It's not hip-hop specific - a lot of people are more interested reggae, R&B, rock, etc -- but there is a lot of hip-hop on hand... probably even a little bit more than last time. We also get to explore different record stores and sales - I want to go to some of those places!

Like the last one, this one also clocks in at about an hour. Interestingly, this time more of the diggers are female than male. And one of the subjects interviewed pretty heavily is DJ Frane, who put out a really underrated instrumental album on Goodvibes in the 90's. And once again, they're all over the map. A lot of the spots they look at are in California, but also Arizona, Chicago, Washington, Michigan... even the UK.

I found this to be a really easy, engrossing watch. But this probably isn't one of those documentaries where, no matter what the subject is on the surface, the film-making will draw you in. If you're not a serious vinyl lover, you just might be bored to tears. So I give this a cautious recommendation: if you know this is for you from the description, then go for it, you'll definitely be pleased. If not, try something by Errol Morris.

P.s. - Two movies in, and I've still no idea why these are titled Red Beans and Rice.


  1. darrell d-jamille recordsMarch 31, 2012 at 5:20 AM

    back in the mid-90's while visiting my sister in atlanta,a buddy and i while driving,drove past a really cool looking record store. we turned around and quickly entered. this at the time was the illest record store i had ever been in thus far. tons and tons of rap vinyl. deep crates and full artist discographies. this was the first and only time i had ever been so overwhelmed by the vast quality and quantity of vinyl in a record store. this store represented an "unlimited representation" of all things vinyl. the name of the store was "red beans and rice".

    1. Ah, cool. 8)

      By the way, I don't have your e-mail addy, but I wanted to thank you for the package. I'm still going through it and definitely appreciate it very much! =)