Monday, June 27, 2016

Check Me Out On the Lowdown NoFlow Show!

Checka checka check it out! I was a guest on the latest episode of the LOWdown noFLOW SHOW on Chuck D's Rapstation, an online radio show specializing in instrumental Hip-Hop. Host C-Doc and I talk Hip-Hop music, producers and instrumental albums, and of course play some dope beats. I had a lot of fun just hangin' out and talking about rap music, so I hope you guys enjoy the episode.  =)


  1. Eh the name of that Canadian beatmaker you mentioned in the show? Whp's that?

    1. Jorun Bombay. 8) If you check my long artists lists on the right here, I did a couple posts on his instrumental restorations and remixes of hip-hop classics.