Saturday, July 2, 2016

Just Somethin' Slammin'

I've got some fun, off-beat videos planned coming up, so I wanted to be sure and get at least one genuine, seriously dope record on the table first.  :)
(Youtube version is here.)


  1. Another Super vlog right here Werner! Yep I totally agree - Freak L one underrated MC - this is a dope 12" and so is his other I think an album would have been killer. Spot on Werner.

  2. Yo! Werner. You are on the money re Urban Rock - one dope hip-hop label. They released some classic 12"s like Freak L, an MC called Kam who I think was connected to the Dismaters and had 1 hot 12" called I Want Action - Highly Recommended!! They also had Majestic Productions (DJ Hank Love's group)on here who were truly Majestic in every way! All UR hip-hop records are worth investigating. I also seem to recall Mr X & Mr Y being on this label and made that "We Drink Old Gold" track that was a pastiche of Eric B & Rakim's "I Know You Got Soul". So So funky fresh and still makes me laugh! Excellent joint that one. Just as a side - there is a UR compilation album worth picking up (called Urban Rock Posse In Effect) if anyone is interested - it has all the major UR hip-hop cuts each one a classic - would save on trying to dig up all the 12"s! Word Up! Peace.

  3. Oh...I don't think it's the same Kam as the one on the west coast in Cali who has connections to DJ Pooh and released a load of stuff on Eastwest Records in the 90's, I think it's a different one, probably this Kam has only this release but what a great release at that. Yet Another 80's MC with 1 classic record to his name. Peace from UK.