Friday, July 29, 2016

Answer Record Week 3, Day 6: Was Ice Cube Tha 1 After All? (NWA DIss)

And we turn the tables one last time to conclude this Answer Record Week, with NWA getting some unexpected feedback from the ladies. Youtube version is here.


  1. Yo Werner! Thank you for this vlog, great stuff. I never knew this record existed til now, never heard it or was even aware there was an answer record to I Ain't Tha One. Just goes to show that there is always something to discover in the world of hip-hop music. Thank you for shedding yet more light. And boy is this XXX!! Need a lie down, I think.

  2. ...And yo! This reminded me right now of another female MC who recorded on Rap-A-Lot called Choice. Wonder if you know of her, Werner? She released one album called "The Big Payback" and oh my gosh!! Is her rhymes triple X or what!!? She makes 2 Live Crews tracks seem like songs on Sesame Street. Seriously she'd make a hooker blush. She's certainly NOT one shy lady. Plus she has a dig at nearly every male rapper in the late 80's even the Geto Boys and they share the same label! Fortuantely It's actually a decent album and she has skills on the mic. My tape comes with a warning on the cover and it's no joke.. take a listen but you might feel a a bit dirty afterwards! Peace out.

    1. Yeah, when I was a kid, one of my best friends had her tape and we used to laugh our asses off at that diss song!

  3. @ thirdpirate - Willie D from the Geto Boys wrote many, if not all of Choices rhymes.