Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Bring It Back

Following up my L.O.T.U.G.M.O.N.E.Y.U.P.D.A.T.E. post (they never make it clear in the song just why the title "Money" was written as if it were an acronym... maybe just because "C.R.E.A.M." was), this is the second indie 12" from LOTUG, which came out in '97. And it's definitely a cool record.

This wasn't destined to become any kind of major hit, since The Lords are just rapping over a very familiar, old school beat (KC & The Sunshine Band's "That's the Way"); but hearing DoItAll and Mr Funky go back and forth over a classic, funky bassline is pretty much the ideal formula for a LOTUG record, short of producing another "Funky Child." This is the sort of record, really, you wish would've got a little airplay when it came out.

The B-side is a DJ track by The Infamous Backspin (pretty sure this is the DJ Backspin who provided scratching on the second Fugees LP and what-not), very much in the vein of something like Frankie Cutlass's "Puerto Rico/Black People," with various, repetetive vocal samples being laid over Naughty By Nature's "Uptown Anthem" instrumental. It's a good, engaging track, because "Uptown Anthem" is a good, engaging track, but Backspin really doesn't do much with it, so you can go ahead and file this under "nothing special."

Undaground Buttas steps up their game this time around, providing instrumentals for both tracks. Definitely worth obtaining of you're a LOTUG fan. And it's typically pretty easy to find if you look, since I don't think a ton of people really know about it.

There are several DJ Backspins... One from Detroit, one from Paris, one from Massachusetts, one from San Diego... Seriously, if you're an aspiring DJ, do us all a favor and think of another name. So, I tried to find a website or myspace link, but couldn't find one. He might have one, but... there are just too many DJ Backspins. :P

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