Monday, April 9, 2007

Who Is Tucka da Huntaman?

Who is Tucka da Huntaman? Well, contrary to the popular (and quite understandable) misconception, he's not Nine (D. Keyes). Tucka, who gets his alias from his real name: K. Tucker, came out with a single 12" in 1995 on Profile Records (same label as Nine). "Da Hunt Is On" b/w "Watch Yout Back" (I went with the cassingle so you could see his picture, not included on the 12" sticker cover), to keep it brief, is dope. It's just a really good, east coast hardcore rap record, that's still sought after today (fortunately, it's not that rare), produced by Nine's producer at the time, Tony Stoute. And his voice sounds a lot like Nine.

Unfortunately, I can't find where I read it (dude, this was like 12 years ago), but I remember Tucka was a young MC coming out under the wing of a radio show host (Red Alert, I think it was) after making noise with some on-air freestyles. He first appeared on another Profile release, Bodyrock's "Groove With You Tonight (Crush Sounds Flippy Remix)" in 1994. But Tucka was only signed for a single 12" deal, and I guess Profile thought Tucka would forever be in Nine's shadow, or just generally didn't have a lot of commercial potential, because they didn't grab him for a full-length follow-up, and apparently he dropped out of the game entirely, never releasing any music again.

I wish I could link to a myspace or something, but I've searched pretty hard and come up with nothing. If anyone has any info on where he is currently, or anything he's done since, please leave a comment here or send an e-mail. Cheers. 8)


  1. comments on youtube say he is working in a school at Brooklyn

  2. He's actually got a new track with George Fields , a beat maker from my area.

    1. Really? Is there anything online about it? I'd love to check it out.

  3. "He's actually got a new track with George Fields , a beat maker from my area. "

    WOW Really?! Where can i find it?

  4. Werner, he came out before Nine and under famous DJ Funkmaster Flex. A full length album was recorded but shelfed after the owners of Profile Records decided to close down the label and sell the artists off to existing lablels, majors or independents.

  5. also he was on the remix to Sluggy Ranks' Ghetto Youth Bust