Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A-B-C, 1-2-3

Hey, guys! If you haven't seen it already, drop by EclipticSight.com's blog… there's an interview with me up there! So, yeah, I hope you guys enjoy that… then come back here when you're done, because I've got another 12" write-up for ya tonight:

"Yo Jeff, what's shakin'?"
"Coolin'; what's up?"
"Come pick me up!"

Like the "As We Go" quote suggests, I'm not done with the girlie rap just yet. Today's record is the answer to that age-old question, "what do you get for the L'Trimm fan who has everything?" Tricky Nikki's obscure "Bust the Rhythm of My ABC's" 12", featuring L'Trimm, from 1989.

The first thing you'll notice and the first thing I've got to mention is that Tricky Nikki sounds exactly like Lady Tigra, and if there's any detectable difference at all, it's that she might sound slightly more Bunny D-ish. Honestly, I wouldn't be all that surprised if it was discovered that "Tricky Nikki" was really just some kind of alias (though I don't believe that's in fact the case). At any rate, with L'Trimm actually present and providing the chorus and the backing vocals, this is practically indistinguishable from a genuine, lost L'Trimm record. It's on their old label and is produced by The Fly Boys, using a fast-paced classic style Miami beat, except without much of a bassline… it's got a lot of repeated vocal samples and adlibs by Bunny and Tigra, and features a several simple keyboard refrains, including one that plays a note for each syllable of the chorus:

I wish that you could be with me.
1-2-3; can't you see -
What a
[something mumbled each time they say it] has done to me?
Why don't you come play with me?
A-B-C, 1-2-3…
Bust the rhythm of my ABC's!"

The rhyme's a simplistic narrative about a guy with a bad rep who Tricky Nikki decides to give a shot anyway: "So we danced and romanced for a little while. He wanted to make love, but that's not my style. I said, 'not now; maybe later. They call me Tricky Nikki and there is none greater.'" That's pretty much the whole story, really. It's a quick vignette in three verses that doesn't quite get to any larger point beyond, "they call me Tricky Nikki and there is none greater." …Which is perfect for this kind of song. There's some basic scratching on the breakdowns and even a goofy human beatbox solo towards the end.

Then the b-side features a street mix… It's hard to imagine a song like this really appealing to "street" audiences no matter what they did to it. But this version does successfully strip away a lot of the keyboards (most notably the note-for-note bit mentioned during the chorus) and some samples, for a more raw, harder edge. Still, I think all those people who'd rather not hear the chintzy keyboards are the same ones who'd pass on this record regardless; so anyone who'd want this rare Tricky Nikki/ L'Trimm collaboration will probably prefer the original.

You might have a hard time locating a copy of this bad boy today, but if you want it bad enough, I have faith you'll be be able to track one down for cheap. 8)


  1. Tigra and Trikki Nikki were best friends in jr. high and began rhyming together as TNT. The two met Bunny at a teen hiphop club called Skylight Express, where all three were featured dancers on a local dance show called "Miami Teen Express". Nikki moved out of the area, so went on to a different high school, but the three remained close. Once L'Trimm was formed, Tigra and Bunny brought Nikki into the studio to begin her solo project. "Bust The Rhythm of my A-B-C's" was the result. I'm so happy you unearthed the track, I haven't heard it in years! Is there anywhere to download it?

  2. Cheers for your reply!  I didn't know any of that.  :)  I mentioned your reply, in fact, in my latest post, about Tricky Nikki's follow-up record.  If you were interested in this entry, you'll probably be interested in that one, so check it out.
    I don't know of anyplace you can download "Bust the Rhythm," but like I say in the post, I'm sure if you put in the effort, you can track down the 12" for pretty cheap.  It's rare, but not exactly sought after like a Main Source "Atom."