Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Back To Valentine's Day

I know it's long past, but we've got to turn the clocks back to this past Valentine's Day and return to my holiday post, "A Fila Fresh Valentine." Why? Because I've just come across a cassette version release of the "Fear Of the Rap" single that features another exclusive, unreleased Fila Fresh Crew song!

It's called "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody," and despite what you might gather from the title, it's not a precursor to Kid 'N' Play's final dance hit. It's much more in the veign of Toddy Tee's "This Beat Be Smooth" (and might even have you at the bus stop woppin' to Parliament). It's got a slow beat and bassline, cool out guitar sample, a little scratching and a silly drunken-style sung chorus handled by the guys themselves. But unlike the love song, its value isnt just kitsch novelty; it's a genuinely good song with a lost sound from a sadly too short West Coast era.

The lyrics mention Tito again (and if you note: the kick-ass cover photo features the four of them). They say, "don't forget about Tito; he's a part of the Fila Fresh Crew show." Just his luck to join the group just as it was breaking up. Doc T isn't present on this song either - it sounds like just Dr. Rock (or Tito; I don't know - they sound alike) and Fresh K handling the raps on this one.

Dr. Rock gets full production credit for all three songs, but interestingly the writing credits are a bit different on the cassingle than on the 12", saying, "Written by Dr. Rock, S. Thomas, Fresh K. & B. Edwards, except 'Fear of the Rap' written by Dr. Rock." So apparently Dr. Rock still wrote all of The DOC's lyrics for the lead track, but now a couple extra writers are credited for "I Wanna Know What Love Is" and this new cut.

Oh and yes, by the way: this version of "I Wanna Know What Love Is" is also the "Hug Mixx" (albeit this time spelled with two x's). So there's still only the one version. Perhaps there's an unreleased version that used more of the Foreigner record which they couldn't clear?

Anyway, now there's onemore song for you Fila Fresh fans to track down and add to your collections... Instrumentals for all three songs are on the B-side. Oh, and sorry for the delay since my last post... I'm working on a big interview that I'll be posting in seperate parts any day now. Plus I got a bad cold. 'Till next time: <3

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