Friday, February 8, 2008

Tiger Toys and Bunny Boys

Here's a 12" I bet none of you guys reading this have… and it's not rare or expensive, so if you decide you want it after reading this, it's easily had. Can't ask for more than that, can you?

This is the title, first and only single off L'Trimm's second album, Drop That Bottom. They talked in interviews about wanting to make "Trouble In the House" their second single, but their label never wound up putting out another single off this album, instead jumping straight to Groovy.

"In the city late at night -
Cause that's where he rocks 'em -
He's funky fly,
'Cause all the girls jock 'im.
He gives 'em a smile,
And, yeah, he's got 'em.
'Cause girls love to see him...
Drop that bottom!"

It's a pretty hype beat (there's a reason this was the title track), with a cool variety of samples. How much you like the song will depend entirely on how much you can tolerate L'Trimm - for many of you, that may be not at all. But those of you still around will probably rank this just below "Cars That Go Boom" as a favorite. It's also one of the first examples I can think of (open challenge: name an earlier one) of a female artist turning the tables on their audience and making an entire song objectifying men as sex objects (calling them "Tiger toys" and "Bunny boys" respectively), but in a cheerfully inoffensive party record way.

Now, check wikipedia for a minute (or don't and just take my word for it… save yourself some time). They credit jungle music as having birthed "circa 1993." Well, this is a jungle remix (by The Fly Boys) from 1991 - L'Trimm is fucking cutting edge, I'm telling you! And it is a jungle remix: the 150+ bpm drums and sample loops… it's not just called "Jungle Remix" because it features a sample of The Jungle Brothers or something. Personally, I don't really care for drum 'n' bass or jungle music, but this is reasonably well done.

The bass remix, also by The Fly Boys, is similar to the album version but strips off a few bits of instrumental and, of course, adds that car vibrating bottom drop. Being a bit more hardcore, I could see it being some peoples' favorite mix, but personally I like and miss the pseudo-cutting on the hook of the original version too much.

Finally, for those of you who just can't bring yourselves to listen to anything so anti-macho as a L'Trimm song (they do literally giggle at their own delivery at one point in the song), there is an instrumental version of the LP mix.

As to where they are now, I have some good (or terrible, depending how harshly you judge them) news: Lady Tigra is back with a new solo album called Please Mr. Boombox (so far only available as mp3 on places like ITunes, I believe). Visit her myspace page to check it out. For a few months, she had a website at:, too; but it seems she's already abandoned it. There's also a fan-made myspace page for the group that shamelessly uses my discography and all of my scans but gives me no credit - give 'em a shout. ;)

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