Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry If Posts Have Been a Little Slow Recently...

...This is why[see right].

Normal posting will resume soon. I promise. I've got a new video planned, an editorial-type minipost, and a couple record write-ups. Oh, and another hip-hop (but non-InstaRapFlix) movie review. They're all coming soon. I just gotta finish a couple quests first...


  1. You should write up a wow post some day. My 70 druid is parked in a canceled account til i finish my thesis later this year. What kind of wow is werner von wallenrod into? The curious have spoken!

  2. Oh yeah? I didn't figure there'd be much interest since it's so unrelated (until someone wakes up and records a World of Warcraft rap!), but maybe I'll make a mini-post on my WoWing side just for fun. 8)