Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nightmare On Elm Street raps, part 3

^Video blog!!
(A third video of all-original post-Halloween content on the new blog.)


  1. Nice, loving this series.

    On another note: following your Lin Que/Isis interview, I found a cool record of hers that's not listed in your discography. MC Lyte's "All That" single from 1992 has a non-album B-Side called "Why You Wanna Get Fly", where her and Lyte trade verses over an uptempo beat. Definitely worth seeking out.

  2. Scott, dope find! I wasn't checking for B-sides from that era Lyte, but that was a dope track, and a nice appearance from Lin Que. I added it to my Blackwatch page, along with another record that I'll be blogging about soon. ;)