Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Chubbsta in '09, Worrrrd Up!

Normally, when I get promo mp3s in my email box, I delete 'em with the rest of the spam. But when it's Chubb Rock, I gotta answer the call...

"Back In" is the first mp3 from an upcoming collaborative album by Chubb Rock and Wordsmith (a British MC, not to be confused with Wordsworth). It's a cool, subtle beat produced by regular Wordsmith collaborator Strada, and features a hook and background by a female vocalist named Kimia Collins. Apparently it's leading up to a mixtape first, called A Crack In the Bridge; and it will ultimately culminate in a proper album titled, Bridging the Gap (referring to the gap between the old and new school), due out second quarter of 2009. I'm sold already; now hurry up and put the album out. ;)

Oh, and here's the link to the mp3.
(I'd be sure and download it, too. Chubb Rock has a pretty poor batting average when it comes to following through with promised albums these days.)

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  1. Was this the most flattering picture they could find of Chubb Rock?