Monday, February 9, 2009

Poison Clan Appreciation Week, Day 11: The Bitchizer

We finish out Poison Clan Appreciation Week with a quintessential, classic Poison Clan 12". You just can't do a series on JT Money, The Bitchizer, and not feature a record spittin' game about the hoes! This is the man who recorded "I Hate Hoes," "Hoe Stories," "Hoe Stories part 2," and "Somethin' 4 You Raggedy Hoes." That would be like only talking about the non-political Public Enemy songs, or only spotlighting Freddie Foxxx's love songs.

This is a six-track 12" (with, as you see, a sweet, graf-style picture cover): all versions of "Don't Sleep On a Hizzo" a.k.a. "Put Sh-t Pass No Ho" from the second album, 1992's Poisonous Mentality. It's another JT solo cut, although Uzi and a guy named Big Ram are on-hand to provide back-up vocals; and once again it's produced by Mike "Fresh" McCray. It's a great track, using the same basic groundwork as NWA's "Gangsta, Gangsta" but adding new sample layers and "Buffalo Gals" scratches, as well as deepening the bass and speeding the whole mix up a few bpm's. And JT has a nice, angry flow ("I got guns and I'm aiming at the slimy ones"). But as he says, "this is not a record about dissin' women" (although, by the time he gets to the third verse, he's done a good deal of that) it's about the men who don't know how to handle their game:

"And to my niggas in the dope game,
Who's getting stuffed with cocaine
And put it in their ho' name,
Better hope you ain't give it to the wrong bitch;
Make 'em angry, you'll have to put out ya own shit.
And ain't a damn thang you can do about it,
'Cause if it's in the bitch's name, she can put ya out it.
So to save all the drama,
Go ahead and give the shit to your sister and mama.
Let them be your main ladies;
Give your mother the house and your sister the Mercedes;
'Cause if you end up in the pen,
You know the good-for-nothin' bitch is gone with the wind,
With a fat grip and a couple of cars;
And you're looking like shit behind bars.
I knew back when I was up in the system,
Used to see niggas cryin' 'cause their hoes dissed 'em.
I remember one hoe told me
She was gettin' lonely,
So I had to let her go, G.
'Cause that's just an excuse to fuck a nigga...
Bitch, I ain't no sucka nigga!
I'll holler at ya ass, 'cause you know I know how it goes;
Yo, I put shit past no ho!"

So, ok. you've got the album version and the "Hizzo" version, which is just a clean version (though all the vocals have been redone with clean lyrics, so it's kinda worth checking out just for that). Then you've got two exclusive remixes from the usual gang, and clean "Hizzo" versions of those as well.

First up is Frank Ski's remix. It's not bad, using an interesting (Bobby McFerrin?) vocal skatting sample, a sped up version of the "White Lines" bassline and a few other cool instrumental samples. Still, the song hits the hardest when it uses the same horns and scratches as the album version on the hook. It does a good job of putting the emphasis on JT's rhymes, but otherwise this is just an interesting play on the superior original.

Femix Sama's remix, on the other hand, is much better. It keeps the same scratches, too; but everything else is new... an interesting mix of classic old school samples and a funky bassline you've heard before but never together. As an added bonus, Sama's version of the dirty version is also an extended mix adding another minute's worth of a funky breakdown that's not used on the "Hizzo" version. There's also some "Gangster boogie" samples dropped in at the end, which sound like they're done Double Dee & Steinksi-style, rather than being properly cut up on a turntable, but it still sounds kinda fresh.

So, thus concludes Poison Clan Appreciation Week... I couldn't leave ya, though, without throwing up the prerequisite link to his myspace, though (watch out, it's a browser crasher!). He has some songs up on his player from his upcoming album, Pimpin X-treme. He's still working with Mike Fresh (who has a myspace here). There's also a couple of other myspaces, which all seem to have been made by JT or his people; mostly with similar content but fewer updates. Feel free to check 'em out, though; here, here and here.


  1. I'm the same guy from before. Just wanted to say thanks again. Lots of good info.

    Also, I ran across your name on wydublog and a link to an old aol (i think) blog when I was trying to find some No Face stuff.

  2. Yeah, my site and blog used to be on AOL (I was a sick, sick man hehe). The link was probably to my No Face discography page, which is still up... it's just moved to here: