Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Today Is My Lucky Day

...My Lucky Day 12" that is. ;) I've had a flood of e-mails (if two constitute a flood, which I like to think they can) asking me about the "Ninja Tune" Buck 65 12" I mentioned in my "Wicked and Weird" post back in September. Part of that's my fault for spreading a little misinformation; it's not actually on Ninja Tune Records; so I apologize for adding any confusion.

So, no, it's not on Ninja Tune... it's actually on Tag: catalog #TAG001. Tag? Yes, as in "Tag: Body Spray for Men." It's a promotional 12" for men's body spray.

The A-side is by Airborn Audio, who appear "under license from Ninja Tune," which is what I saw on the label scan that made me think the label actually was NT. But now I own it and know better. Their song, "Inside the Globe" is taken from their album Good Fortune; and it was also released on 12" as the b-side to "Bright Lights." I can't say I ever heard Airborn Audio before (Ninja Tune as a label is usually more of a warning than a recommendation in my book), but this is actually not bad. Very backpacky lyrical. The instrumental is also included, as it was on the "Bright Lights" 12".

And the b-side, of course, is "Wicked and Weird" by Buck 65. As I covered in my previous post, the song had already been released as a 12" single, but unlike Airborn Audio's case, that 12" didn't include the instrumental version. So that makes the instrumental an exclusive to this 12".

So basically if this 12" is worthwhile or not basically boils down to whether you care about owning instrumentals on vinyl. It's also not a bad 12" to own on its own merits: one good song, one great song, and it comes in a cute, little sticker cover. But the other "Wicked and Weird" 12" features a remix and another Buck 65 song only available on the original single, so this can only be an "in addition to" rather than an "instead of." If you're lucky, though; you can pick this one up cheap like me (get it? "lucky?" eh? Eh?).


  1. do you know where to get this The Lucky Day 12"?

  2. Well, there's two copies on discogs for $6 as I write this. You could probably find it even cheaper if you wanna dig around a little (gemm, EBay, etc).