Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Want Quality Indie Hip-Hop On Vinyl Or Not?

Do you want quality indie hip-hop on vinyl or not? Well, a new record label that's apparently sitting on half a vault's worth of classic, 90's indie material, isn't sure if you do.

The label's called Six 2 Six Records, and actually they're sort of a revival of Launchpad Records, who put out a handful of "raers" circa 1997. Now they're back with most of the old roster plus more ill "random rap" stars like Constant Deviants, Steve Colossal and Sparrow the Movement. I can't tell you how many EBay auctions I've lost for Sparrow material! lol So yeah, they're working on new material... but even more exciting is the fact that they're sitting on tons of vintage, unreleased material by all these guys.

But according to Verge at the T.R.O.Y. blog, they're waiting to hear from us fans on whether to actually press all this up on vinyl (and CD), or just dump them on the market via "digital release." It looks like their initial plans are to release one 12" from Sparrow ("Flows Of Death" b/w "Armageddon") and one from Constant Deviants ("Feel That" b/w "Problem Child"), and then just kinda see how it goes. Other projects that may or may not see a proper release include a Global Platoon LP, and two full-length unreleased albums by Constant Deviants and Sparrow (apiece).

So it's up to us to to let them know there's a market waiting for them and that they shouldn't just box up all their DATs for another 15 years. You can do that by following their blog, which they've been posting a lot of spec artwork on, and joining their Facebook group. And if you need further convincing before you jump aboard, they've also got a Youtube channel, which is full of the hot songs they've got in their arsenal.

So that's it, guys. Ball's in your court now.


  1. Wow! a friend on our YOUTUBE channel pointed us in your direction, and would have say we are grateful and humbled by all the support we are getting thus far .... Shouts to Cool V (Verge) & AG / Mr.Phil for starting the Facebook and now Werner von for the help out , MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!!

  2. Definitely hoping a lot of this stuff gets a proper vinyl release.
    Good luck to Six2SixShift, thanks Werner.

  3. damn how did i miss this . love the Constant record CANT STOP!! yeah