Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fuck Compton? No, Fuck the South Bronx!

(Youtube version is here.)


  1. Werner Von Wallenrod Kickin' science! Hilarious bro! Never heard of Tweetie bird or that track ever. Your right I think, definitely Professor Griff instramental, that Griff album was dope! Tim Dog moved to L.A. for a while according to Ultra DJ Moe Luv, they were all fans of NWA. Check the interview with him!

    The Kool Skool - Ultramagnetic MC's ITCH FM Special *DJ Moe Luv in Session* Part 1 & 2 (Itch FM 21/1/06)

    Im sure you have heard this as well, dope "Fuck New York" goes in on KRS, and NY even N.O.I.!

    Love this blog bro, I have a challenge for you, will let you know in a few days! Keep up the blog
    All the best

  2. Who were Raw Breed?
    (heavy plug for you)

  3. Love the kitty making the East Coast/West Coast decision at the end. So much violence could have been avoided if only your calico cat had decided rap feuds.