Sunday, December 5, 2010

Six 2 Six Guess Blog

Hey, guys. I've been invited to be a "Guess Blogger" over on TheSix2SixShift. If you don't know, Six 2 Six is the label that's been putting out recent releases by The Constant Deviants, Sparrow and that Lord Digga record I reviewed earlier this year. Anyway, my post there just went up, so you can head over and read it here now. 8)

Also, if you missed it in my tweets, TheBigSleep has done a flattering write-up of me over on The TROY Blog. So check that out here - thanks, guys!


  1. No doubt man, you deserve it and people need to know.

    And thanks for mentioning me on your blog, it's an honor. Peace.

  2. "Never put me in your box if your sh@t eats tapes"

    Skilled precision with the tape repair Werner ... used to do that myself .. worked too hard for that $8 album LOL!!