Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sealed Records MAGIC!

(Youtube version is here.)


  1. LMFAO ... when I bought my first records in the early 90s I always opened them with a knife ... when I went to a diggin trip with my man 12FD he opened the records on his jeans ... and I was like ... huh, why I do that so complicated ... it works dope but dont bend the corners of your covers ... picture covers look ugly then ...


  2. I never knew this either! I the tip of automatic pencils, the file on fingernail clippers, & even my fingernails to open sealed records. I've given myself papercuts under my nails before too. Sure wish I knew about this trick on those occasions!

  3. Lol, yeah, man, the best way for sure. Keep in mind that denim jeans are the best way to go. If you try this with say slacks or basketball shorts, you may burn your leg a little bit, hah.
    I guess I had a best friend diggin buddy right from the start back in the days, so he put me up on this immediately. I think the only other way I ever tried to open records was with my fingernail and that can lead to a nice paper cut right under your fingernail, ouch!
    Good shit Werner.

  4. Funny shit, been doing this for years! Honestly thought everybody who collected records knew this trick!?

    Best place to do it though is on ya belt, if you're wearing one. And idealy a fabric belt. That way the lines it causes from the friction don't show on ya leg, it's covered up under ya tee/hoodie etc...

  5. yep handy trick works perfecto.
    the guy at my local recordstore show me that trick