Saturday, June 16, 2007

Junction Funk part 1

This is a pretty rare cassette from the heyday of The Hobo Junction... specifically 1997, and it took me a while to actually track down a copy after I first heard about it. But it was definitely worth the effort, and it remains a nice rare, little jewel in my collection.

It starts off with a brief instrumental "Intro." Right away, you know this is going to be a classic example of the kind of hardcore, low-fi Junction funk you hope for whenever you pick up a Hobo Records release (as opposed to, you know, Saafir's last album): all hard beats, bangin' samples and heavy bass lines. It then rolls right into one of the earliest solo cuts from Eyecue, "Dirt Hustlin'," a phat, autobiographical track produced by Merg One (one of Saafir's aliases), about slanging hip-hop tapes directly to his fans. It's a kind of Hobo Junction anthem, directly relating their approach to the industry; and at one time Dirt Hustlin' was even going to be the title of the first Hobo Junction album (Saafir dropped the name in a few interviews). The song "Dirt Hustlin'" found its way on the Mary Joy Records compilation, Tags of the Times vol. 2, a couple years later... and made it as the b-side to one of the 12"s off of that album, on the reverse of Mr. No-No (another of Saafir's aliases)'s "Scan'dlous." That 12" came with packed with an instrumental version as well, which is not on the tape.

Then, on the flip, you've got "Fatal Thoughts" by Big Nous (it used to be spelled Big Nose, but he changed it early on). Did I say "low-fi" before? 'Cause, yeah. This is the kind of song that could only be released on tape. Definitely not the sort of samples you'd call "crisp" or "clean," this is the kind of bassline that was made to be heard thumping distorted through cheap speakers. Big Nous's distinctive voice fades in and out of the track as he raps about his subconcious; it's kind of a trip, but still straight up hardcore hip-hop, no Divine Styler album #2 pretentious arty crap here. And this time, an instrumental is included.

What are they up to now? Well, Big Nous is finally just about to come out with his debut solo release, called The Illness (and the first single, "The Outcome"). It's already up for sale at: and should be out already, but I recently contacted them (like, "where's my order?!") and apparently his release has been held up a little in the production stage. The Junction has a myspace page (they've got some nice, new tracks up on their player... definitely worth checking out), and Eyecue also has his own page, with his cousin and fellow Junction MC Rashinel. Saafir has one, too. Besides being Eyecue & Rashinel's label, Daywalka Entertainment now seems to be the official record label for the Hobo Junction as a whole, and their official site can be checked out at:

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  1. "dirt hustlin"
    was not actually on the
    "tags ofthe times vol.2"
    it was only on the b-side of
    saafir's "scandlous" 12" !!!
    eyecue & rashinel is a killer
    check out the tracks on "search & rescue"
    dj murge & "the funky precedent vol.2"
    they also did an dope album together
    released a couple of years ago!!!