Friday, June 15, 2007


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  1. after over two years remembered this today while reading/viewing some new entries, never checked back after my youtube replies on the first entry and wasnt aware of further episodes.

    the distributor (out of business now) cancelled the original SF12002 release. what i was relaying was the word from an employee who knew. i dont think it exists, maybe a test if anything. cant find out anymore if they did have a master of the recording of a track with that name "dont take it personal" and if they actually sent it off to cut a lacker and got a testpressing after all those years and the company not being in business anymore.

    knowing the business, if finished product existed , they probably would've sold it , just to recoup the costs of the pressing anyways. unless a faulty pressing existed, they got refunded and destroyed the stock or something unlikely like that, it happens but it is just speculation and rather rarely happens.

    but then again i.u.'s comments say different so who knows...

    even if they only sold it in a limited run and maybe just to japan, i would assume you could find it today somehow or at least find more info about it online. but that is speculation and rather unlikely as the info from the company's employee is most likely to be informed and true (not saying i.u. is not telling the truth as he remembers it best, but after years memories can get kind of blurry and not quite accurate and he could confuse some things)

    the new SFLO12002 was probably created to avoid confusion with the original intended release with their customers, the use of 12002 kinda hints also at SFLO12002 fully replacing SF12002

    so the record really might not exist, the song might, just not on vinyl and under that name with the SF12002