Monday, June 18, 2007

Junction Funk part 3

Here's another rare, self-produced cassette from The Hobo Junction. This one came out in '95, right around the same time as their original vinyl, Hobo Junction E.P. The two main tracks off this single have been released elsewhere, but it's the "Intro" to this one that's the exclusive treat. Unlike the one on the "Dirt Hustlin'" tape (see: Junction Funk part 1), this "Intro" isn't just a brief instrumental; it's a full (albeit kinda short) song, featuring Eyecue, Saafir and I think the third MC is King San... could be wrong about that one. Courtesy of Junction producer J-Groove, there's a hard drum track, wailing samples and a looped piano riff that sounds like someone just banger their arm down on all the lower scale keys. Eyecue starts it off:

"Straight, direct, and uncut
Out the lab.
I wanna give you a tape,
But then you know I need the cash.
The whole world
Is gettin' strangled by the balls...
Fuck the studio!
Bored out the house, straight breakin' through the walls."

Then Saafir comes in, with his booming voice, "Hobo Junction soldiers fresh out of boot camp; we take coupons and food stamps!" Definitely a banger.

Anyway, then you've got two tracks that are otherwise available. First there's, "Whoridin'" (spelled here as "Who Ridin'") by The Whoridas featuring Saafir and produced by Big Nous (spelled Big Nouse in the liner notes... guess it took him a little while to settle on a spelling), straight off the EP and later their debut album (also called Whoridin') on Delicious Vinyl.

Then you've got Saafir's "Just Ridin'," which is a vocal and instrumental remix that would eventually get released on vinyl as the b-side to "In a Vest" in '97. It came out again in 1998, as one of the bonus tracks on the Wrap/ Ichiban release of Saafir's Trigonometry album.

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  1. i remember buying this in 94 0r 95 at leopolds in berkley right win it came out ,ive been looking for that exzact track forever can't find it on the web. plus it has the original whoo ridin track before they cleaned it up.