Friday, June 1, 2007

Rapping Is Fundamental

This is the alternate UK 12" of Rappin' Is Fundamental's debut 12", "Rapping Is Fundamental" (the song title has the "g" at the end; the group name does not), touting two original remixes by DJ Streets Ahead (who did a lot of this type of work at the time), not featured on the domestic version. The idea of taking Rappin' Is Fundamental signature stylings and doo-wop sensibilities and trying to turn it into a European dance club hit seems a bit, umm... what's a fitting term... hopeless? And it is. Easy Moe Bee's soulful, sample-based production is replaced on the "Brighton Daze 12" Remix" with a simple, high-tempo drum track that really works against RIF's signature harmonizing - I can't imagine this being an anthem of the UK nightlife scene anymore than I can see any Harlem crate diggers attempting to nod their head to this rhythm.

The second "Ubiquity 12" Remix" uses the same basic track but adds some more instrumental samples/effects, creating more of an original, alternate take on the song. It also takes out all the singing, leaving just the raps (the hook is replaced with a few vocal samples, which would have been helped a LOT if they'd actually been scratched in, but que sera sera). Like the first, it's still misguided and decidedly inferior to the original, but this mix is cool enough to merit some spins for serious RIF fans who've overplayed the original to the point where they'd welcome an alternative.

On the b-side you've got the "Extended Remix" that's also featured on the domestic 12"... The fact that this 12" includes this as well as the two exclusive mixes makes this the one to own in my book (unless you're particularly after the instrumental), even if those mixes are subpar. This remix is by Easy Mo Bee, so already you know it's going to be the best of the remixes; but unfortunately it's not all that different from the LP Version. It strips away a bit of the original music, and drops in a few pieces of familiar, faster bpm breaks in from time to time... but essentially it's the same as the LP version (including the super cheesy introduction with the super villain laugh) but not quite as engaging. I guess the idea for this mix was to make it more dance-floor friendly, too, which - as talented as they are - just doesn't work for these guys. I could see A&M Records and Streets Ahead making this mistake, but Easy really should have known better.

Finally, there's the "Radio Version" which is the same remix as the "Extended Remix," only not the extended length. I think this is the one they made the video for.

Easy Mo Bee has his own site at:, but for all it's fancified Flash animations, there's really not a lot of worthwhile content there. He's also got a myspace page, of course; but perhaps more interesting is the myspace page for his and AB Money (who's also got his own myspace page)'s new label/project - check out the track with AB, Smooth Bee and some others(?) called "VIP." They've also got an official site at: Whew. That's a lot of links. Doesn't seem to be one for JR, though.


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  3. Platinum Ice Records physically began on Aug 6th 2006.

    AB Money, Casey Hoban, and Tom Simjian formed the dynamic record label over lunch in Cheraw SC, the home of jazz great Dizzy Gillespie. Their Vision was to blend Brooklyn NY's Roots of Hip Hop merged with the soulful sounds of the south which has never been done. The true beginning of this masterful music organization took place many years prior to that date in the mind of one man.

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    AB Mosely is mostly known for his outstanding vocal presence in the group RIF who won best Rap Artists of the Year on their entrance to the music scene and Best New Artists, as well as performed for the Olympics that year. Also he is known for his performances on the all time favorite Tupac hits “Temptations” and “Running From The Police”, as well as his work with the hit “Dear Momma” and more. With the addition of his life long friends, the legend Easy Mo Bee and Big Bub, Mosely has created an awesome arsenal of musical talent that ranges from soulful R&B to the mix of the various hip hop styles of today. Mosely also co-wrote and sung on Tupac's "Out on Bail". This profound independent label is here to offer only the best in music entertainment and more.

  4. Thanks for posting!  I'll definitely be checking out that CD.
    I hope AB comes out with a solo album soon (or better still, a second RIF album!!), rather than just pushing these youngsters on us.  ;)

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