Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big T'ings

Hey, guys! Sunday is a big day for Werner-related announcements and things, so here goes...

Firstly, I submitted a review to one of my favorite hip-hop blogs (you may've noticed it in my links column there), Hip Hop Isn't Dead, where Max is beginning Round 3 of his Reader Review series. I decided to give 'im a little Miami flavor. It was fun reviewing in his format for a change, though I almost feel like I cheated, reviewing an album with no skits! hehe Well anyway, it just went up today, so go check out my Reader Review! (I think you'll enjoy it.) =)Secondly, I have officially joined the ranks of Diggers With Gratitude's contributors (along with Drew Huge and Dudley J; we're like a crack commando unit of vinyl reviews)! As you know, I've gushed about pretty much all of their releases so far (and if you've dropped by their forums, you've surely seen me there), so I was honored when they asked me. My first DWG review has just gone up today, too, so check it out here!

Finally, if you haven't heard, Hip Hop Connection, the longest running magazine in hip-hop (yes, longer than The Source - I was surprised, too!) has gone digital. You surely caught the link in my "Best Blog Posts I Didn't Write" column to their first issue; but if missed it, this is it here (apparently whoever wrote that review of Bike for Three has never heard of MC Shan, but nevermind. hehe It's got a great Doom interview and more cool stuff). They're gonna be coming out with regular, all-new content in the style of a proper magazine (as opposed to a blog or what-not)... and it's relevant to this discussion because they've asked me to be a regular contributor to future issues. As in, like, a regular column. So definitely be on the look out for that.

I'll be dropping direct links to any/every thing I write right here, though. So just keep an eye on this blog, and you won't miss a trick.

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  1. Congratulations on making those dope moves. Good luck, I'll definitely check your work here and follow the links to your other work.