Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tony D In The Original

Update 9/27/11: The HHC site seems to be down, so I've posted the article below... Click 'em to enlarge 'em to a readable size.

The first issue of Hip Hop Connection's old school and golden era mini-mag, The Original just went up today. It includes my four-page tribute to Tony D... it was a little tough to write (you'll probably see why when you read it), but I think it came out right in the end. Let me know what you think.

This issue has some other really dope features as well, including:
A short piece on Kool Herc by T La Rock
An interview with Tony Buttons by James T McNally
A dope Kool Kim interview by Robbie Ettelson of Unkut
And a really in-depth article on the movie Breakin' by Richard Watson

So, yeah, check it out. It's all new, original content. It's up now on the HHC site, but the link's a bit tucked away there, so here's a direct link to the issue.


  1. That was a great read. Tony seemed to always have some controversy going on around him, but he was a really cool guy.
    In 2004, he came up to a radio show I used to co host on WPRB and interviewed Wise Intelligent. He was trying to resurrect his Raw Deal show but WPRB turned into shit. So we used to let him come up to our show and do a set whenever he wanted. I was humbled to just even meet this cat.
    Only Tony D and Wise Intelligent talk on this tape and I'm shouted out as 'serge'. Lol. Wise talks some funny shit on here.
    It's a good listen, check it out-

  2. Thanks for that - that was cool. Man, it's depressing when you start to think about how much Tony D could've still done in music, especially since he'd gotten plugged in online.

  3. really enjoyed your tony d article - put a lot of good context on it all and wasn't just a list of the usual things people know him for.

    like you say, definitely wanting to hear more unreleased music...