Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Slip N Slide Society, part 1

Most of you reading this are probably already familiar with Marcus Effinger, a.k.a. Society, but just in case... he was a conscious MC with some very east coast influences who started out with Professor Griff, then wound up releasing his own, very dope EP (and 12") on Luke Records before they went bankrupt. That's all the catching up I have patience for; but if you haven't already, check out his EP - you'll like it.

He seemed to drop off the scene after that, but he actually signed to Slip-N-Slide Records. He was due to drop an album called Godflesh: Solids Liquids Gases in May '97 (see the ad, above), but it never came out. Notice it says it's featuring Lord Mecca and Mighty Buda... those are the other MCs from Griff and Society's Field Nigguhz Klick, as featured on Society and Griff's albums. I remember calling the label back when I was at The Source, and they acted like I was crazy asking about Society. They literally told me all they cared about was Trick Daddy, who was blowing up at the time; and they wouldn't say anymore about him. Nice, huh?

Well, Society's unfruitful stint on Slip-N-Slide (read the fine print of that ad... apparently the graphics are also by "Society Productions") was pretty much the last the world heard of Society, except in 2005 he dropped a guest verse on Public Enemy's New Whirl Odor album. But is Slip-N-Slide sitting on a completed Godflesh? How much of it was recorded? Considering they already had the guest appearances worked out for the ad, I'm guessing that it was recorded. So the question becomes: what are the chances somebody could liberate it from their vaults?


  1. I would love it that album saw the light of day.

    What did you do at the Source?

  2. Definitely. And I think the second part of my post I just added makes me want it even more!

    ...As for at the Source: my title and role changed a lot while I was there, but basically writing and editing, mainly for the website (back when it had loads of original content).

  3. Cool, I am sure that would have been a pretty cool Job.

    As a Hip Hop head it was probably a bit of a dream come true.