Friday, May 1, 2009

Rather Uneek


  1. I would actually rather something about DJ Uneek

  2. I hate you Werner von Wallenrod!! Yet another record I'd like to have if not for my self imposed "no more records" rule.

    btw I prefer the YouTube embeds over the direct to blogger. Simply because the YouTube is bigger lol.

  3. I first heard Uneek on Nine's second LP. She imitates his super raspy flow on "Tha Product." Glad she dropped that for the Doo Wop days, her voice wouldn't have lasted.

    Some additional nerdery for Werner and everyone else (in case you didn't already know): Uneek started one half of the Ghetto Gyrlz, which dropped an answer record in 1992 called "My Man's Playing Tricks On Me" in response to the Geto Boys hit (and the inspiration for the group's name). The rest of the album features some early Diamond D production and an all-female remake of Main Source's "Live at the BBQ." Worth tracking down, since it's easy to find and cheap.

  4. LOL @ a-one. I'll get you to break that rule one of these days!

    And @ Scott, I got the Ghetto Girlz 12" single; but now it looks like I'm gonna have to check for the whole album. That sounds pretty cool.

  5. Enjoying this, one to track down.