Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Werner's Face Lift

Hey, guys! Sorry updates slowed down for the past couple of days... but those of you who've been dropping by my site regularly (as opposed to reading my stuff via RSS or whatever) have probably noticed I've been tweaking and redesigning my blog's layout lately. Things have been moving up and down the right column, features have come and gone; but I think I've finally settled on it now. So, you'll notice like the blogger bar is gone, but I've added a spiffy new nav bar... I put up a contact/profile... cleaned out some clutter at the bottom of each post... removed those ugly orange RSS sub buttons 'cause I figure everyone just grabs 'em from the URL now anyway (though if you do need the link, there's still the "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom)" link at the very bottom of the page)... and other tiny, little tweaks. So I think we've wound up with something with a little more functionality, a faster loading time, and a sharper look. Nothing major, but all win. :)


  1. yo, since I am a graphic designer by profession, I just HAVE TO point out one major issue for me.

    Your navigation bar. you have dark lettering over dark olive green coloring. Thats a nono, because everyone has to stress their eyes to read that. That's all I have to insist on loco, because besides that, the website is mad functional, and I visit for the insight and not the design ;)

  2. Yeah, that teal color is kinda middle of the road (in terms of light/darkness) , but I'll try experimenting with a lighter font.